We create beautiful hand-crocheted Ladder Yarn Necklaces in brilliant colors that are lightweight, soft and luxurious. Ladder yarn or trellis yarn is constructed like ladders, with a horizontal panel of woven material suspended between two thinner threads, alternating with gaps. Sometimes a strand of Lurex – a type of yarn with a glittering metallic thread – is fed through the gaps to produce a jeweled look.

We use ladder yarn that is made in Italy and Turkey. Crocheting the yarn adds texture and fullness to the brilliant and rich colors. From a distance, the necklace looks like it has beads, but without the weight. There are no clasps – we simply finish our necklaces in a very secure knot so that they can quickly be slipped on without any hassle. Our necklaces complement all styles – casual, business and dressy – and are perfect gifts for friends, family and co-workers.

We like to branch out and experiment with other specialty yarns similar to Ladder Yarn, so you will be sure to find the perfect look.

I am so pleased with this beautiful necklace. I love it!!! – Etsy review

Ruffled Tutus

THE TUTUS LITTLE GIRLS LOVE TO WEAR!  Girls love to wear our soft, luxurious, and one of a kind ruffled skirts. We can custom crochet specific colors to get just the right look. Some of our best sellers include deep purple, light pink and white with silver. We have been able to expand our sample of skirt colors to neons, green, teal, fuchsia, coral, multicolor, sports colors and more. Our skirts are finished with a ribbon for the waistband so they can be tightened and then loosened as needed. We crochet them in five sizes – 0-6 months, 6-12 months, 1-2 years, 2-4 years and 4-8 years.

This little skirt is so cute and good quality!! I used it for my babies 6 month pictures. I loved how different it is from the regular tutu skirts you see in pictures. I’m all for different!! – Etsy review

Best Ever™ Pullover Bibs

These colorful bibs are made from fingertip towels and hand towels with a stretchy ribbed neck for a close, comfortable fit.  Regular store-bought bibs never seem to stop food from getting all over babies’ shoulders and high chair straps so that is why we named them the Best Ever™ Pullover Bibs! The hand towels we use for toddler bibs are long enough to cover your child’s lap, and can also be used as an art smock. Our bibs are made with absorbent microfiber cloth or 100% cotton. Plain towels all have a cute sewn-on patch with girl, boy or gender-neutral designs. Baby bibs  measure approximately 11×19 inches and toddler bibs are about 15×25 inches.


Flaxseed Spa Pillows and Masks

Our hot/cold spa pillows and eye masks help to relieve stress, aches, pain and swelling. Flax seed is a flower seed containing 40% oil – so it doesn’t dry out or crack over time like grains and beans. The small flax seeds conform to your body with just the right amount of weight to provide therapeutic compression – like acupressure – feeling almost liquid-like in nature. As the seeds cool down, they produce moist heat. Neck, shoulders, small of back, abdomen, spine, knees, elbows, eyes – all benefit from either the hot or cold temperature. Good for relieving cramps, sore neck and tense shoulders, tendinitis, and migraines. Place the bolster pillow under your covers as a bed warmer for your cold feet! The inner part of the bolster pillow is made of quality cotton muslin to hold the seeds, and a cover of soft suede cloth with a Velcro-fastened end is removable for hand-washing.

The eye mask has a knit elastic band that keeps the mask in place while you sleep and can be adjusted for comfort. The mask is ultra-suede with a Velcro closure and can be hand-washed by removing the golden organic flaxseed. Microwave heating is most widely used, but you can also heat in a crock pot, towel warmer or on an oven stone. Or, chill in your freezer to reduce swelling. Your pillow or mask will stay totally pliable straight from the freezer and has a soothing chill – not a jarringly cold like a traditional ice pack. Complete instructions are included.

This mask lives up to it’s name! It has exceeded my expectations! Anyone who suffers from sinus headaches or migraines needs this mask! – Etsy review

Crochet Amigurumi

We love experimenting with adorable amigurumi crochet patterns and occasionally have them up for sale on Etsy or at our local craft shows. Amigurumi is the Japanese art of crocheting or knitting small stuffed creatures. Our very first amigurumi was the adorable Dirk the Dragon from a gorgeous by pattern by the talented lalylala. Since then we have made dumpling cats, elephants, an octopus and some cute tiny owls. We are hoping to expand our amigurumi line and are always willing to take custom orders!

Crochet Scarves and Cowls

Our most recent style of crochet scarves and cowls are from “crochet pooling” in order to achieve an argyle look. We have several different unique colors that will make you stand out! We also have long infinity scarves and can do any scarf or cowl custom order!

Home Decor and Organization

We now have all of our pretty and practical grocery bag holders up on our Etsy shop! These grocery bag holders store 25-30 plastic shopping bags, and are approximately 24 inches long, not including the matching fabric loop, with a circumference of 17-18 inches. The top is reinforced to stay open for easy placement of bags (no fooling around with a drawstring!) The bottom opening is approximately 8 inches around, with elastic to keep bags in, but allow for easy pull when you need one. All seams are finished. If you want a specific pattern or sports team, please contact us. If we can find the fabric, we can make it for you.

We currently sell a beautiful vintage doily owl rug in gray but we can make it almost any color or even multiple color combinations. This beautiful rug measures approximately 54 inches by 51 inches. The owl face can be omitted for a simple round doily rug. Soon we will be offering an elephant rug in a similar style and a teddy bear rug!

Custom Orders

As always, we take custom orders for products we offer or for a product that you don’t see here, on our Etsy shop or at our local craft shows!