New Necklaces – New Spring Colors!

New Necklaces – New Spring Colors!

We are very excited to have updated our shop on Etsy so that all our in-stock necklaces are listed for Spring. When we place our orders for ladder yarn from one of our suppliers, we usually order more colors than we need because they are so pretty and the spring colors are so bright, which makes it hard to resist!

Red Blaze

Sometimes I am pleasantly surprised by the nuances between the yarns. For instance, I ordered two brands of Blue Amethyst and there are interesting subtle differences. Our Blue Amethyst, has a silver Lurex thread running through it, and is a cool color with shades of blue, deep purple, black and silver white. The other, I call it Blue Amethyst Taupe, also has the silver Lurex and shades of blue but there is a warm tan-taupe panel with a soft celery hue that compliments more shades of brown.

Our new stock of red necklaces offer plenty of variety as well and we are excited to have many in stock this spring season. We usually only have a smaller selection of red necklaces, so we made sure to order new varieties this year! We now offer Red Hat which has the bright red and purple colors of the Red Hat Society! Red Blaze has the glimmer of a warm fire with red-orange complementing true red and a flicker of shimmering white. Radiantly Red is another new yarn that is a bright red with no silvery Lurex, but you don’t need it since it is striking just as it is with black connecting threads. Sweetheart, with gorgeous pinks and reds, and shiney Lurex brings to mind hearts and flowers which is perfect for spring.

Light Blue

Some of our new light blues and greens are also wonderful for spring: Caribbean Seascape makes me think of crystal clear jade blue waters in the tropics. Blue Jazz is a cool, pure blue with silvery Lurex, and Light Blue has an icy, translucent appeal. We really love the vibrant look of our new Light Blue necklace and we think it will be a favorite for spring! Green Tourmaline is just like the gem – true, honest bold green so striking it looks like the gemstones.

Taking the blues to another level are Majestic and Peacock. Majestic has royal purple, blues, teal and plum while Peacock adds aqua, turquoise, and rich, deep green to the blue and plum mix. We sold out quickly of these colors during our Fall shows last year!

Freshwater Pearls continues to be a customer favorite – like looking into an iridescent abalone shell with its pinks, pale golds and silvers. We are continuing some of spring colors from last year called Touch of Spring and Tropical Burst. Tropical Burst goes so well with peachy and apricot colors, I even wore mine with a plum shrug and it was gorgeous!

Take your time to browse through our necklaces here at our shop and be sure to click on all the photo options because our closeup shots really show the detail. We hope to see you at our next craft show – March 19th at Lake Cable!


Tropical Burst

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